Jun 05

Hiatus Ending, New Developer

As it turns out, the WebVet project hasn’t died. I am working with a new developer who is interested in taking point on the development of the program and we are starting to build WebVet from the ground up. Soon to come is a very, very early alpha edition as well as a new name and branding. Stay tuned for updates as we will try to make more information available in the coming weeks.

Jul 12

New Developer and WAMP Server

We are making progress with the WebVet project. We were fortunate to add another programmer, brett, who is experienced in CSS and PHP and who has been tirelessly improving the visual appeal of WebVet. Things you can look forward to in next week’s release are the updated graphical user interface, changes to the client management screen, tabbed navigation, a login page, and others. With regards to running WebVet, we will initially be recommending a WAMP (Windows, Apache, mySQL, PHP) server that is generally used as a local development environment. Until the software is released in a somewhat completed version, we will recommend WAMPServer. Once we have a release or beta that we want to get more people using, we will make a live demo available on our page and work on releasing a WAMP-type server that is set up for actual local implementation as opposed to development.

Thanks all, stay tuned for more updates.

Jul 08

8 July 2013 Release & Welcome

We will get to today’s release soon, but first I would like to welcome you to the WebVet webpage and project. WebVet is a free to use, open-source veterinary practice management software that runs a web interface. Having the software run on a central, local web server and allowing the workstations to access it through a web browser eliminates the need to install the software on each workstation and eliminates the need for complicated networking. Keeping the web server local guarantees security and ensure speedy performance.

It must be said however that WebVet is still very early in the development phase. Despite this, we will be making weekly releases and letting you know what features we are implementing so that you can keep up with the project.

Want to help? Here’s what you can do:

  • Send us your ideas! What features do you want in a veterinary practice management software program?
  • Donate! We can use any donations to make improvements to the software.
  • Help us develop! Have experience with PHP, MySQL, CSS or others? Let us know!


Today’s Release (from SourceForge) – 8 July 2013

  • Adding client information into the SQL database
  • Searching client information by ID, last name, and pet or any combination of the three
  • Re-worked database access such that only one file is required to contain SQL login info
  • Multiple components (eg. footer) now included from one file on multiple pages